Adopt A Child’s Smile Program

A volunteer coordinated program in partnership with Midland County dentists to provide basic preventive or restorative dental care, such as cleanings, fillings, bonding, extractions, etc., care to low-income, uninsured Midland County children. The Adopt A Child’s Smile Program (ACSP) was established in Midland County, Michigan, on October 1, 1988, by the Midland County Child Protection Council. It is a non-profit program staffed and supported by volunteers.

Who is eligible?
The child must be under eighteen years of age at the time of the referral. The child must have made their home in Midland County for at least one year prior to the referral. The child must have dental needs which cannot be met by insurance, Medicaid, or parental resources.

How does a child enter the program?
– A referral form will be completed on the child’s behalf by a local professional. The professional may be a teacher, school administrator, social worker, minister, dentist, dental hygienist, lawyer, judge, case worker, counselor, club leader, nurse, physician, law enforcement officer, etc. An application form will be completed by the child’s parent(s), guardian(s), or foster parent(s). If an individual child reaches the program’s financial limits, the program administrator will work with the family to procure funding from other sources. In cases of extensive dental costs, the family may be required to contribute.

Which dentists participate? – Participation by Midland County dentists including specialists is nearly unanimous. Dentists who have signed up as Adopt a Child’s Smile dentists have pledged to donate $150 per year worth of dental work, plus additional savings on other billings.

How is the program funded? – The ACSP is a cooperative effort which is totally dependent on the support and generosity of the people of Midland County. The Midland County Dental Society has unanimously endorsed the program. Midland County’s dental professionals commit time and resources to the program. The following contributors have recently helped make this program work: Midland Rotary Clubs (morning and noon), Dow Corning Corporation, Kiwanis Club of Midland, MCYAC, Junior Youth Committee of Kiwassee Kiwanis, St. John’s Episcopal Church, First United Methodist Church, The American Legion, Blessed Sacrament Church, The Midland Foundation, The Gerstacker Foundation, Sanford Eagle’s Club and many generous individuals. Benefactors who are able to contribute time, talents, and resources are always needed.

How can groups or individuals help?
ACSP volunteers are continually working to secure funding resources for this program. Donations of any size are welcome. As a group (church, professional, business, civic, sorority, child study, etc.) or as an individual, you can actually sponsor one child for one year by contributing $200 or $800 for orthodontic care. Larger donations and fund-raising efforts are especially appreciated and needed. Together we can bring smiles to the faces of Midland County children.

Program Documents
Eligibility Guidelines

For more information on the Adopt a Child’s Smile Program or to request assistance, contact the Safe and Sound office at 989.835.9922 or email

We are totally thrilled with the Adopt a Child’s Smile Program and the help we received.”
– A Parent of a ACSP recipient

“Thanks to the generous people of Midland County, children are really smiling more often as a result of the Adopt a Child’s Smile Program.”
– Past President of MCCPC

“It is very gratifying to be a part of a community that makes dental care possible for a child who would otherwise go without.”
– A Participating Dentist

“The Adopt a Child’s Smile Program has allowed numerous benefactors of the community, as well as the dental sector, to aid children in growing up dentally healthy. Thank you for allowing Delta College’s Dental Hygiene students to assist in this much needed effort.”
– Delta College, Dental Hygiene Program