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Books and Parent Resources

For Parents

  • What Only a Mother Can Tell You About Child Sexual Abuse – Karen Schaefer

  • When Your Child Has Been Molested, A Parent’s Guide to Healing and Recovery – Kathryn Brohl & Joyce Potter

  • Helping Your Child Recover From Sexual Abuse – Caren Adams & Jennifer Fay

  • Know & Tell : A Workbook for Parents and Children on How to Prevent Child Abuse – Yvette K. Lehman

For Teens

  • How Long Does It Hurt? – Cynthia L. Mather & Kristina E. Debye

  • Back On Track – Leslie Bailey Wright & Mindy B. Loiselle (specifically for boys ages 10 & up)

For Children

  • Please Tell! A Child’s Story About Sexual Abuse – Jessie Ottenweller

  • No More Secrets For Me – Oralee Wachter

  • It Happened To Me: A Creative Healing Book – Debra Whiting Alexander

  • It’s My Body – Lory Freeman (a book to teach young children how to resist uncomfortable touch)