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Child Abuse Information

Learning that your child or a child that you care about may be the victim of sexual or physical abuse can be a terrifying event. Here at Safe & Sound we often meet caregivers who simply don’t know where to turn with their questions. If you think a child in your life may be being abused, report it by calling (855)444-3911. On the following pages you can find some basic information about child sexual abuse, warning signs that your child may be being abused, and what you can expect from a child who has been victimized.

Child Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse, also known as molestation and exploitation, happens whenever a child or an adolescent is threatened, forced, or pressured into any form of sexual contact…

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Child “Abusers”

There is no such thing as a “typical” child abuser. Abusers come from all age, ethnic, social, and economic groups…

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Warning Signs of Child Sexual Abuse

It is important to recognize that the presence of one or more of the following warning signs DOES NOT necessarily indicate your child is being abused. While one or more of the signs may be indicative of the possibility of abuse…

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What Children Might Say

Many children are afraid to tell that they are being abused or do not know how to tell. They may drop hints or make odd statements as a way of telling. These statements or hints may sound like the following…

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Why Some Children Tell and Others Don’t

Sexual abuse is overwhelming to children, especially when someone they trust is involved. Also, children are taught from a very young age not to talk back to adults, to behave the way adults want them to, and to believe whatever adults or older children tell them…

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Books and Parent Resources

Below is a list of books and other resources that may be of value for not only the caregivers of a child who is an alleged victim of abuse but also for children and teens who are now at a point where they need to begin the healing process…

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