Child Abuse Prevention

Child abuse prevention is of critical importance to Safe & Sound Child Advocacy Center. As part of that effort, we collaborate with schools, family centers, and agencies in Midland County by providing the evidence-based curriculum, Second Step Child Protective Unit by the prestigious Committee for Children. Safe & Sound offers implementation and ongoing support for staff as they implement this curriculum. Through these programs, children from pre-school through middle school learn skills to assist with learning, showing empathy and respect to others, identifying and managing emotion, building friendships, and problem-solving. This rich and engaging curriculum offer skills for social, emotional and academic success. Additionally, it sets the foundation for assertiveness and bullying prevention.

In order to meet the needs of all of Midland County children, it is our goal to expand this program throughout our county. We hope to continue this project expansion through on-going partnerships and the generosity of Midland-based foundations and civic organizations such as Kiwanis Club of Midland and the Charles J. Strosacker Foundation.

For more information about this exciting program contact us or go to the Committee for Children at

Call 855-444-3911