If Your Child Discloses Abuse

Safe & Sound Child Advocacy Center staff understands you may have many questions surrounding your child’s disclosed abuse. We are available to answer questions throughout the process. Here are some resources that may help you answer some questions you may have during you and your child’s journey to recovery.

What to do if your child discloses abuse

Learning that a child may have been abused can be very upsetting for all individuals involved. If your child discloses he or she has been hurt or abused, utilize the following guidelines in order to best respond to your child:

More about what to do:

What to expect at Safe & Sound – The Forensic Interview:

After the case is reported to Law Enforcement or Children’s Protective Services, you will be contacted by a Safe & Sound staff member to set up an interview for your child. Here is what to expect from this point forward. ..

More about what to expect at Safe & Sound:

What to expect after you leave the center – The Investigation and Legal System:

The forensic interview is only a small part of entire investigation and process Here is more information on the roles of the other agencies involved in keeping you and your child safe…

More about what to expect after you leave the center:

Your role throughout the process:

From simply being there to listen, to comfort measures and how to cope…

More about your roles and responsibilities throughout the process.

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